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Home Away From Home

Collectively along the Grand Strand about half of all residences are 2nd homes.  Whether it is a getaway near the Oceanfront or a quiet Golf Condominium on one of the exquisite courses, goals are always different with these types of buyers and you need to work with a local professional who can get the most accurate information on costs. From financing and HOA costs to annual taxes and upkeep you need to work with someone who has worked through every scenario in the past.


The Myrtle Beach area is extremely popular for vacation homes and condominiums compared to other areas in the Southeast. Statistically less than half of all property in the area is owned by full time primary residences. With such a unique market of beach homes, oceanfront condos, new construction, and resort / golf course properties of all price ranges, it makes the Grand Strand a competitive marketplace to any beach town. You can literally find the most affordable oceanfront/golf course getaways on the east coast or find million dollar luxury waterfront homes, condominiums, and everything in between.



When you start searching for your next home away from home call me if you have questions about the area you are looking. Overpaying for property is always a top concern no matter what is on the line, and when you are a client of mine, you are assured an assessment of Fair Market Value, based on facts,  before paperwork is signed and submitted.

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