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Why Buy With Us?


Many banks/lenders/realtors who do not work regularly in this field can really mislead potential buyers down a road that does not end with a closing.  Obtaining financing for income producing properties such as these is not as simple as walking in your local bank, and the worst part is it is not usually discovered until the last minute. I may not have bought/sold in every development along the oceanfront, but have certainly done enough to analyze if what you are buying is a fair deal compared to the rest of the market. If you are looking to avoid a quick case of buyer's remorse call me when you start having questions about what it would take to own on the Grand Strand Oceanfront.


Oceanfront and resort properties on the Grand Strand widely vary from price, amenities, location, quality, and upkeep.  A Realtor with limited experience working on the oceanfront cannot get done what a seasoned veteran can. You have to work with an agent that knows the "do's and dont's" when dealing with this very unique investment. Whether you are paying cash, or especially when obtaining financing for many of these condotels, there are always more factors than you might think. I have a list of lenders that work closely and some promote better products for certain developments than others.

Looking To Avoid A Quick Case of Buyer's Remorse?

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