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Why Use Local's Realty To Sell..

Worth Commission Fee?  To Start, History Says You Will...

  1. Obtain 5%-20% higher purchase price, averaging 12%

  2. Save 0.5%-7% on Inspection and Repair Requests

  3. Save an average of 22 days in closing or other delays


You want the most money for your home? Hire an agent that knows how to analyze your market and understands how to price your home and get the BEST online representation to the world. Along with facilitate showings, negotiate purchase agreements, negotiate timelines, and negotiate repairs. Know that your home will be protected with requests to view and have people tour it, with the safest bluetooth activated lockboxes for confirmed appointments only, and feedback from each potential buyer that can shape or change any strategy moving forward. 

While many realtors want a listing, yard sign, and a commission check...Selling the home you currently reside in takes a broker who understands the logistics you will be undertaking that involves moving your life and everything you below down the street, or across town, or out of state. 


When hiring Local's to sell your home you are ensuring that the hundreds of potential buyers actively working with cooperating brokers are seeing your home, and you find one that is willing to pay the most. Your home easily gets 3 times the attention to buyers who are ready, willing, and able in the area. Resulting in higher offers from buyers that don't just consider your home an option out of 2-3, but the one they have to have.



After talking with hundreds of For Sale By Owners, I'm told the biggest downside to selling yourself is the charge on your time, along with the legal, and financial risks. Mistakes may cost you the thousands you're trying to save. Do not become a statistic. Facts show the median take home figures of an unrepresented owner are almost 15% less than those who use a Realtor. Sellers typically net less money and are at higher liability and risk.

Every home that goes up for sale gets both planned, and custom actions to make sure it is done the BEST possible way.  Even before we reach an agreement a thorough walk around is completed so I can help point out any areas that buyers might find critical, and any pitfalls a buyers home inspector might find. 


If you are considering to hire us to represent  your next selling transaction please review the major points I provide below to help show why our services would more than pay for themselves.

1. Multiple Listing Services and Online Marketing                                    If you are reading this you are researching your next transaction, and you are doing it online, if you were searching for a home you would be starting in the same place as well.  92% of buyers now search online, of that 43% closed on a home they found on the internet, 9% from a yard sign, 1% from print/newspaper, and 45% from a home that arose through the process of buying with a Realtor. 


      The days of selling your house by just putting up a sign and putting it in the paper are long gone. Having a strong internet strategy is crucial. From day one when your listing goes active it will be presented pristinely on all the major real estate search engines listed in the diagram of our listing providers. Tens of thousands of people are actively searching online with registered accounts to the search engines in the diagram, and regularly receive updates on new matches.  Remax listings have the strongest online presence in local searches and alone had over 60 million visitors last year nationwide.

2. Social Media Marketing                                                                                                           


While social media can be a time absorbing in some ways it can be useful in others. Remax Southern Shores has a collective following over 17,000 across the Big 3, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, as well as other, and will continue to stay on the frontier of social media.


• Give virtual tours

• Connect with past, current and potential clients

• Update your audience about market changes and new homes on the marketAdvertise listings and open houses

• Create dialogue with clients

• Reach clients and prospects wherever they are and where they like to receive info, through a computer at work, a tablet at home or virtually anywhere else through a mobile device


3. Negotiating 

 When offers come it is a critical time to handle each one dilligently. Crucial information can be obtained to understand how to move forward if you know what to say and how to say it. As well as what not to say, and how not to say it.  It is arguably the part of the job I look forward to the most and the handling of every bid gets my best foot forward.  While negotiating a purchase price is one thing, negotiating through the Inspection/Repair procedure can be quite different. Knowing elements of home pricing items and the contractors who are available to do the work helps save you potential thousands, and you need an agent that knows it all goes to affect your bottom line.

You can only judge after the process has ended if intangible services were truly worth the money, beforehand all that can be done is to take the information you research and make the best decision possible. The key to selling your home for the most money is numbers, more the better. More appointments, more showings, more feedback, more offers, and this is the area Remax will be the most effective. You will have atleast 5 times more potential buyers who are ready, willing, and able considering your home than you would marketing yourself. the question will not be if I can find someone to buy your home, it will be who is going to pay the most?

4. Personal Attention of Time and Resources

     While I have not been doing this job for decades like some agents, I can still provide something they can't, more time and attention to the details of your transaction. Everyone of my listings gets daily attention.  Weekly showing reports that include showing feedback of custom questions, internet activity, inquiries, and market conditions is provided to keep you in the loop.  I can be reached easily by phone and email and relied on to respond promptly if not right away. A 'mass listing agent' with 40+ Active Listings cannot claim to effectively provide personal attention and focus on details, and the tinest specifics are what you are paying someone to focus on. 

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