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Tired of Renting? Need a Change?

Buying your first home is THE best investment the average American will do that can build those monthly payments toward equity that can be used in a variety of ways in the future.   First time home buyers have two main goals when making this big purchase, first it is important to obtain financing toward a home you will be able to comfortably afford. This does not always happen the first place you apply...or the first ROUND OF PLACES you apply. Sometimes it takes months of shaping your credit and applications to obtain financing, the important thing is you START, take the obstacles that are preventing you from getting a mortgage (or getting better mortgage terms), and start conquering them. First time home buyers often get discouraged after an initial denial, I did, just know your lender has as much interest as you as getting you approved so if you show them you are interested in making changes they will oblige to help.


Second, not every first home is going to be your dream home, but the important thing is that you do not overpay and start building equity, use an experienced Realtor to find something you will not lose on (Pay more now than you sell for later), that equity built over months and years can be applied toward your next home.


Contact me below and I will get started on a first draft of property searches and match you with the perfect lender. Include any questions as well..

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