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Primary Homes Differ In Our Area Because..


 Compared to the rest of South Carolina the Grand Strand has relatively young history. With over 14 million visitors annually, this late development has a diverse background of housing with something for everyone in a variety of price ranges, but also a large concentration of vacation resorts, rentals, condos, and homes. I loved growing up in a tourist town so close to the beach, but if you are looking to avoid areas where short term rentals are primarily concentrated you will need an agent that knows the area, able to match you to what is described the quickest, and make sure you are not overpaying compared to what else is available. 

Why Use Local's Realty for Buying...

 Being raised in the Myrtle Beach area my entire life has given me unique insight on how to match every potential buyer with a home that is suitable to what they describe /envision, and not settling until it is found.  We would like to help, no matter what stage of the process you find yourself in.  When we start your search for your next Primary Residence whether you are relocating from within the area, out of state, upsizing or downsizing, it is important to us that you know what you to expect from the search process. The buyer process I have perfected flat out saves you money and can cut weeks off of your search to closing day.



Let's get started with some basic search criteria and let me contact you with a plan to get started moving forward..

Looking To Avoid a Case Of Buyer's Remorse? 

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     Having cash to pay for your next Primary Residence is great but in our area over 80% of buyers finance their next dream home. Many agents will not open their car door before they see your pre-approval, and while it is important up front it is not something I require to see before we get started.  If you have you own lender great, if not I have a list of mortgage experts that can have you a Pre-Approval in your inbox in no time at all.



Escrow and Closing Costs

      One of a buyer's worst fears is unexpected costs they were not made aware of early in the process. Closing costs will typically amount to 2% to 6% of the purchase price. Why the broad range? Taxes and insurance are a big part and vary greatly depending on where you are buying, for what reason(home vs. Investment), and paying cash vs financing.

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